SOPH Patterns

The system that will revolutionize your communication skills



building affinity



creating meaning



utilize jurisdiction



applying outcomes



compelling language



alter perspective



precise outcomes



direct choices

As you read the text below, try hovering over phrases to see the Language Pattern that influenced it.

Move beyond stagnation

Did you know that you are considered to have completed all language development by the age of eight? You may be wondering why you stopped making progress at such a young age but a bigger question for you now is what are you going to do to move beyond those years of stagnation. Since you’re reading this it means that you are fully capable of making progress in your own language development with SOPH Patterns.

As you are reading this you may begin to realize all the areas of your life that can improve by utilizing SOPH Patterns. Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these situations below that were the result of your stunted language development.

Have you…

  • Felt misunderstood and found yourself feeling like most people just don’t “get it” when you speak?
  • Made attempts at open communication only to be met with defensiveness?
  • Said exactly what you wanted to say but the response was not what you intended?
  • Made attempts at inspiring someone only to be met by cynicism?
  • Attended long meetings where lots of people talk but nothing gets said?

Progress with purpose

The SOPH patterns are a proprietary patent pending system of language patterns designed to revolutionize your communication like nothing before. The 31 patterns were distilled and refined from the areas of linguistics, persuasion science, hypnotic communication and education.

The SOPH patterns are engineered based on purpose and progression while utilizing engaging imagery and colors to ensure that your integration is seamless and easy.

The power of the SOPH system is so tremendous that if you integrated just two of the thirty-one patterns into your natural language you would experience a rapid and dramatic improvement in your ability to communicate.

You may now be ready to make the right decision to purchase the SOPH Patterns and it’s important that you don’t just jump to the buy now button to accelerate your language development. You will know it’s the right choice for you as you really focus and read every word on this page as you decide to make the investment in your future.

Are you ready to purchase the SOPH Patterns and master language and yourself?


You have the power

Did you know that you are hardwired to process language? This means that if you hear it or see it your brain processes it whether you want to or not.

That means that if someone does not respond to you in the way you intended then the problem is with your ability to communicate. You are responsible for your communication and it’s your job to be great at it. You have the power to communicate powerfully and once you learn SOPH Patterns you will have the knowledge and ability to excel at it.

Since you are reading this from a computer or mobile device that means that you are intelligent enough to handle this revolutionary language system. You may get very excited as you imagine all the great ways that you will use SOPH to achieve your goals and become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. You may even be wondering in what facet of your life you will utilize the patterns first.

You may want to use the SOPH Patterns to get better at your job, have better relationships, be a persuasive communicator or maybe something entirely different. Most intelligent people get excited about all the possibilities when they decide to master the SOPH™ Patterns.

You may already be aware of the numerous places that they can make a powerful and immediate improvement. Perhaps the most common use for SOPH is in the workplace.

Incorporating SOPH into the workplace results in…

  • Shorter, more effective meetings.
  • Improved employee morale.
  • Inspiring management.
  • Improved investor relations.
  • More productive and engaged employees.

If you have read this far then you are serious and ready to invest in yourself. You are someone who is passionate about their personal development and will want to see others excel in the same way that they are. You will find that this is the key.

So whether you purchase the basic package or the Elite package, you know you are making the right decision.

You’re ready to begin. Aren’t you?