At Augo, we teach you powerful communication skills that give you an edge in every partnership you build. Our specialty is helping employees and CEOs create long-lasting, powerful relationships inside and outside of their company.

The SOPH™ business patterns are a proprietary patent-pending system of language, carefully designed to revolutionize business communication like nothing before.

The SOPH Corporate Training Program

When it comes to professional development, we know that every company is unique and has different learning and time constraints.

That's why we developed the SOPH™ Corporate Training Program. It integrates powerful skill-sets to improve your organization in the areas where you need it most.

How does it work?

  1. Assessment Session

    When you start working with us, we go through a detailed assessment of your training needs.

  2. Get Your Roadmap

    Based on your company's assessment, Augoeides lays out a detailed roadmap that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

  3. Schedule and Complete The Training

    Set a date for you and/or your employees to complete the training. Trainings can also be separated by corporate departments or skill levels. We can also work with your HR department to include a Coruscation Corporate Training as part of your on-boarding process for new hires.

Sample of current trainings at Augoeides

Coruscation Communication

Clear communication is the key factor of your organization’s success.

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E-mending Email

Learn to craft written communications that actually communicate.

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Designed Meetings

Train your organization to run effective meetings.

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Potent Presentations

Turn your presentations from detrimental to beneficial.

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Ready to take your business communications to the next level?

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