SOPH™ Patterns Cards + 5-Email “How to Use These Cards Guide” Package


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What happens when you bring together linguistics, persuasion science, hypnotic communication and education? The SOPH™ patterns are a proprietary patent pending system of language patterns designed to revolutionize your communication like nothing before.

These 31 cards are divided into 6 levels with 5-6 cards for each level. Your job is to master each level of cards before adding cards for the next level.

Immediately you will…

  • Be a more confident communicator.
  • Strengthen your relationships.
  • Get more of what you want.

After a few months you will…

  • Expand your personal network
  • Be a confident negotiator.
  • Excel at public speaking.

The cards are designed in such a way as to be deeply integrated as quickly as possible into your everyday language. The more you practice using them the more deeply they will be integrated into your natural speech patterns.


The SOPH™ patterns are also highly effective for use in groups. Whether in small groups or large teams having these skills integrated into your team meetings will benefit your projects tremendously. Your groups and teams ability to succeed is directly dependent on their ability to communicate.

Your team will gain a(n)…

  • Greater willingness to collaborate.
  • Increased motivation based on clarity of outcomes.
  • Improved camaraderie among team members.

The SOPH™ patterns will improve your team dynamics whether large or small because effective communication is the basis of all success.

Once the patterns integrate into your normal speech patterns you will notice how much more effective your everyday communication will become.

Realize all the areas of your life where you will benefit from the improved communication skills that can only be learned from the Coruscation Patterns. Utilizing these patterns will improve your relationships at home and work.

The more you look at the those aspects of your life you will realize that by learning the SOPH™ Patterns you will not only improve every aspect of your life but it will improve your life as whole. Whether you’re proposing a place to go to dinner with a date or pitching your big unicorn business idea to a room full of investors if you want to be successful you will need the SOPH™ Patterns.

5-Email “How to Use These Cards Guide” Package

By purchasing this basic package your will a receive five emails that are designed to guide you in your transformation into a master communicator. They will guide you through the stages with examples and exercises that will speed your progression and integration of the patterns.

In your “How to Use These Cards” Emails you will learn to…

  • Utilize the most applicable patterns for your situation.
  • Exercises you can immediately incorporate in your life.
  • Recognize the most important patterns for you.

Once you’ve purchased the SOPH™ patterns and have progressed through all five “How to Use These Cards” Emails you will be well on your way to language mastery.

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