SOPH Training

Do you remember your favorite teachers in grade school, the ones who made an unforgettable impact on you? Remember how they focused your attention, increasing how well you absorbed a wealth of knowledge, changing you from the inside out?

We believe in the power of replicating that experience in adulthood, when we often need mentorship to overcome that hurdle to the next level of self-awareness and personal development.

SOPH™ live training is designed for people like you who are driven to extract the most from this system and recognize the incredible opportunity to not only learn from the creators, but also to intensely practice with a group of like-minded individuals for optimal breakthroughs.

What is a live training like?

You will notice the training environment you are entering is unlike anything else you have attended in the past.

We focus on activating your two biggest keys: comfort and engagement. These unlock your potential in every relationship where you communicate.

In the training, you can allow yourself to play and experiment since you are so comfortable. Your engagement will have you deeply focused while absorbing SOPH knowledge as you remember the joy of education.

From the moment you enter into the training space, you will powerfully engage in the process of your own learning. You'll meet new people and probably trade some interesting stories.

How will a SOPH live training benefit you?

Studies show there is enormous value to live training versus trying to learn on your own:

Increased Sensory Depth:
You'll leave the training feeling more heightened in how you physically use the cards while integrating them with real environments.

Real-World Scenario Practice:
Instead of mentally shoving scenarios into the context of your life experience, you'll train with real individuals and therefore face variables you come across in daily situations.

Accelerated Progression:
Your training is solely dedicated to your education--it isn't about us, it's about you. Even the smallest details are addressed in order to accelerate your progression.

Learn the most advanced communications skills in the world.

Enjoy the feeling of absorbing new knowledge and powerfully engaging with others, as well as learning from an experienced teacher.

While the SOPH patterns themselves provide fantastic value and results, you can master the system when you commit to quick progression by attending a training in person.

Are you ready to experience, in person, your love of knowledge and education while learning the mastery of language?

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*The only prerequisite to attend this training is you must purchase a set of the SOPH Cards.