Coruscation Communication

Did you know that your company loses over $26,000 of productivity per worker per year from miscommunication?

Clear communication is the single biggest factor of your organization’s success. Whether it’s your CEO talking to the board or an intern talking to a delivery vendor, the ability to communicate can make or break your organization’s daily goals and strengthen or weaken your brand over time.

Are you willing to leave this critical factor up to chance or are you ready to take control and give your organization the tools to excel?

The Corcuscation business language patterns were distilled and refined from the areas of linguistics, persuasion science, and education. When you choose to tailor these patterns to your business needs

Your organization will gain a(n)…

  • Greater willingness to collaborate.
  • Increased comprehension based on clarity of outcomes.
  • Improved camaraderie among team members.

Are you ready for your company to function like an elite level business?

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