E-mending Email

Did you know that unnecessary and poorly written emails cost you $6,000 dollars per employee per year?

If you are like most people you can’t imagine your inbox getting to zero. You get flooded with emails everyday and you spend hours just catching up. You may even feel like your not gaining any ground and with the way that you are currently handling email you are never going to. Email overload from poorly written emails is an organizational catastrophe that is damaging every aspect of your business. Don’t you think it’s time to solve this for the sake of the organization?

The way to solve your dilemma, before it does any more damage is to train your teams to properly craft email communications that are effective, dynamic and do it right the first time.. Would you like to understand written communication in a way that empowers you and your entire team to be better?

Your organization will learn to…

  • Get to Inbox zero
  • Write to be actionable
  • Read for comprehension
  • Convey intention

Are you ready to fix this problem for yourself and your entire organization?

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